Friday, December 7, 2012


"So, we were both going to go sleepover at B-'s house, and then you won't believe this! She told B- that she didn't really like me and wouldn't come over if I came over, too!"

The look on Katie's face is priceless. It is like looking in a mirror. 

"Honey, I know," I say sympathetically. "It's hard to believe that there are people who don't like us."

Because we're likeable, damn it. We're pretty good at most stuff, but not so much that it's annoying. We're pretty drama free. We might talk too much, or be a little bossy, but you generally overlook it because we're nice. 

Yet, despite this, there is the rare individual who doesn't care for our style. "She doesn't like me, I can tell." I say this recently to a friend. "There's like a weird tension." 

"No one thinks that much of you," says Sean, in his typically helpful way. 

"Um, yes they do."

He turns and walks away.

"Well, there are people you don't like, right?" I say to Katie, later. "I mean, there are lots of people I don't like."

"Really? Like who?"

"Honey, I don't believe in gossiping about people." (Lie)

"Well, do any of them not like you?"

I laugh, long and loud.

"Oh, sweetie," I say. "I can't even imagine!"


  1. Who could not like you or your offspring? That's crazy talk. Sigh. Some people just have bad taste.

  2. On a serious note, I think my #2 is the most likeable of my kids and it seems she gets the least amount of sleep overs and playdates. Every now and then, I wonder "why" she doesn't have the amount of dates and then I realize that she's okay with that. She's secure enough in herself that she doesn't need to surround herself with adorers like her oldest sister does. It's tough to watch though, sometimes.

  3. Oh, Kelly, this is such a great post. Just what I needed right now. We cannot be best friends with everyone. (And it would be too exhausting if we were.) Good lesson for your daughter to learn at any age.