Sunday, February 12, 2012

Finish This Post

I have a half dozen (or more) drafts of posts. Rants that lost steam, good ideas that turned out to be not so good ideas, things that were funny in my head that lost their humor on paper. Every so often, I go back and review these posts. Sometimes they get deleted, sometimes they get completed, sometimes they morph into a completely different post.

Sometimes, I can't remember what the hell I was going to say. The following is one such post. So, what do you think I was about to say?


I love Facebook. I love keeping up on a daily basis with friends and family from the far flung to those right here in town that I don't get to see as often as I'd like. I like seeing pictures and hearing funny little bits of everyday life. I even like having some of my childhood friends on there. In some ways, they keep me tethered to my past, and help me remember things I would otherwise forget.

It can be uncomfortable, too. Watching like some creepy voyeur as friends put their squabbles on display, or air strange grievances, or vaguebook about the latest wrong committed against them. Most people I know will admit to keeping a Facebook friend for the sheer entertainment value. This is probably morally reprehensible, but most of us love a good trainwreck. It's like watching Hoarders to feel better about the state of your closets.

But I've noticed a disturbing trend - Facebook makes people stupid. I...


  1. Facebook reveals the stupidity. I have seen some very funny things on Facebooq, but they have ruined the interface. I now use it strictly as an e-mail service and no longer stay logged in all the time. The ads have become so bizarre. I prefer the blog world.

  2. .....I am so glad fb wasn't around when I was in high school, or when I was on the " dating scene".

  3. I'm pretty sure Facebook stole the thought that would've finished that sentence right out of your head.

    I have a massive pile of "drafts" a few of which are just meaningless titles with nothing in the text box. Yay, me.