Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I don't know that there is anything that shows honor to our fallen servicemen like hamburgers, hot dogs, and beer. And if you can consume them while draped in an array of American flag-themed attire, even better. There is nothing more uniquely American, I think, than turning an otherwise serious occasion into an excuse to have a great time. As a people, we have a pretty good sense of humor. And we know how to throw down.

The SFC weekend consisted of one cookout (complete with impromptu bluegrass awesome is that?), one afternoon spent with small friends, a fabulous coffee date that made me remember how very much I miss my faraway friend, and a full day at the pool in gazillion degree heat with the children. DAD DAD DAD I WANT TO GO IN THE BIG POOL I WANT TO GO IN THE BIG POOL! DOWN THE LAZY LIVER DOWN THE LAZY LIVER! (Julia has a hard time getting 'lazy river' out correctly). One good thing about ridiculously loud children, you always know where they are.

As I walked out this morning in my bathing suit (the one of the half dozen that doesn't look too awful) to get the obligatory "Oh honey, you look great!" from my dear husband, I said "And now the walk of shame." I am a pro at self deprecating commentary; it is a well honed skill designed to fish for compliments, deserved or not. The husband says:

"You look fine. You are a 40 year old mother of three."

FIRST OF FUCKING ALL, I am NOT 40 (I am 2 months shy of 39, thank you very much). I know I am not going to look like I am 20, or like my skin has not been stretched to the absolute limit (three times), but this situation does not call for honesty. But when it came down to it, no one was looking at me or my crepe-y thighs.* I relaxed and had a great time with my family, so much that I'm actually looking forward to a summer poolside.

We came home stinking of sweat and sunscreen, pink and sleepy. What a good day. Happy weekend! Happy summer!

*Possibly because they were busy looking at the huge (pun intended) amount of silicone on display. I know I was!

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  1. Holy shoot, he was off his game that day. I hope you girly slapped him! A little abuse goes a long way! ;)