Sunday, March 25, 2012

Number Thirty-Five

When I wrote the List of Thirty-Nine, the idea for Number Thirty-Five was just a tiny seed.

Plan a huge benefit gala for charity. Sounds simple enough.

I was a meeting and event planner for fifteen years before ditching the career in favor of the glamour and glory of stay at home mom-ness. So I kind of assumed that putting together a benefit for our local Dress For Success affiliate would be easy. Just get some folks to donate some cool stuff for a silent auction, sell a couple hundred tickets, and find a fancy dress. No big deal.

I talked to my friends over at Triad Moms on Main and they agreed to help organize, promote and sponsor the event. I don't think any of us had any idea exactly how much work it was going to be. We employed the help of Kristen from Four Hens and a Rooster, and a crack team of volunteers and spent the next six months busting our asses.

Last night, the four of us, all the volunteers and 250 of our friends came together at the amazing Millennium Center and partied. Hard.
We had over 100 silent auction items, generously donated by individuals and local businesses, and executed with perfection by the Charity Chicks.
The Millennium Center is a stunning building, full of architectural detail and with an amazing history.

Let me just say friends, until you watch a 40 year old drunk ass neurosurgeon do Da Butt, you have not lived. I used my drink tickets, The Husband's drink tickets, and a significant amount of cash. At some point, I remember having a conversation with a couple of friends about hemorrhoids and thinking, why the fuck am I talking about hemmies? It was great.
DJ Miss Eaves started the party.
And The Ardmores shut it down. Late.

At one point, while my husband and I danced, I just about cried from happiness. Happy that it was done, happy that it was successful, happy that so many people came out to support an organization that's making a real difference in the lives of women in our community.

What a handsome guy I have.

I am truly thankful to everyone that supported the event, especially Kristen, and Katie and Rachel from Triad Moms on Main.
Katie, Rachel, Me & Kristen

I am marking this one off the list, in style.


  1. You fricking owned the night my friend! Thanks for taking me on the ride. Can't wait to do it again. But next time, let's just organize and meet without planning an actual event.

  2. Kelly,

    You look beautiful! SO glad everything turned out the way you wanted (well, maybe minus the hemorrhoid conversation?).

    Congrats on pulling it off! Way to go!

    ps-- does this mean: more time to write now?

  3. What a great job - you should feel very proud. And I do believe you need a brunette friend. I volunteer.

  4. I am so proud of you and so very happy you can check this off your "39". The remainder of the list should be a piece of cake! Have you learned all the words to "The Northfield Minnesota Raid" yet? Get crackin' lady! Love you

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  6. That's fantastic! I hope you get some much needed rest and rejuvenation, but also that you bask in your success!

  7. Everything looks fabulous--glad it went so well.

  8. Congratulations! I'm so glad it was such a success. You deserve it.