Monday, April 30, 2012

Y is for Yellow

The day was cold and cloudy,
Nowhere you'd find the sun.
A gentle breeze blew westward,
before the day was done.
As night fell and hope grew,
Children whispered to each other.
Do you think it'll be?
I can't wait to see!

They agreed, they'd both wake mother.

In the morning, the light shone on
Crystals made of ice.
The children ran out into the snow,
After promises to play nice.
Snowmen and snow forts and angels so white,
They played for many hours.
Only taking a break
For their mother's sake,
For cocoa and hot showers.

Peering out the window,
They spied a little boy-
Rolling down a hill of snow,
And playing with his toys.
What a peach he was, a pure delight,
And then the little fellow,
Took a big bite,
Gave the children a fright,
"Oh, no!" they cried,"It's yellow!"

Okay, so I'm not a poet. I have one more letter to bust out today, and this challenge is, thankfully, over.


  1. Frank Zappa coulda told 'em: Don't you eat that yellow snow, don't you go where the huskies go!


  2. LMAO! Kelly, that was, it was FANTASTIC! Thanks for a much needed laugh! You have officially made my hero list now along with Professor Xavier!