Monday, June 4, 2012

The Little Bed

I can not remember the last night that a child did not end up sleeping in our room. It can best be measured in years, that I know.

And on most all of the nights, with the exception of the ones where I become a mommy sandwich in between two wiggly, insanely hot little ones - I love it.

By the time Henry came into the picture, Katie was in her room all the time, but three year old Julia would still worm her way into our bed. With a room sharing newborn and frequent night nursing, we couldn't have her up in the bed.

That's when we got The Little Bed. A twin air mattress, it just fits under our bed when inflated, with a minor amount of tugging and shoving.

It is a reward.
If you are a good listener, you can sleep in The Little Bed.
It is a consolation.
Your sister's on a sleepover, you can sleep in The Little Bed.
It is a comfort.
She's not feeling well, let her sleep on The Little Bed.

It is used by both girls as they need it, as we like it. It's too small and they are too big to share it now, and thunderstorms find us all together - Katie in the recliner, Sean, Henry and me in the big bed,and Julia and Shutup Roxy in The Little Bed.

I lay there awake, listening to the night noises of people and animal, soft shifts and sighs. These children of mine, who radiate heat like little woodstoves as they sleep, causing me to kick a leg out from under the covers and will myself out of bed to turn on the fan. I lay there, thinking about the fan and listening.

I think everyone is exactly where they're supposed to be.


  1. I finished reading this and made a little noise. Mmmm. Perfection. I remember those days and thinking back on them warms me still.

    1. I am never happier than when they're all tucked in with me. hanks, WN

  2. :-)

    This immediately made me think of my little boo (who is now seven). I'm the only one who can really sleep with him. Maybe I sleep like the dead...I don't know!

    Typically, he sleeps horizontal in bed, while everyone else sleeps vertical. I think mostly, he sleeps on top of me, so it's not such a problem.

    Thanks Kelly!

    1. I think I'm just so used to feet in my stomach (I've woken up more than once to a bruise from little toes digging into me) that I sleep through it!

    2. I remember one night, when he was sick (maybe four years ago). I brought him downstairs and slept with him on the couch. He finally slept and spent the night snoozing on my chest.

      I'm impressed you sleep through the kicking and wake up with bruises! kudos to your ability to get rest!