Thursday, February 17, 2011

Henry's First Haircut

I have hairy babies. They come out with a head full, and hairy ears and buttcracks and, in Julia's case, hair on her upper back. Julia especially was like a pet monkey, so soft and furry. Their hair is not just long, it is thick, wavy and grows out as much as down.

Katie's first haircut was at 10 months, performed with trembling hands by yours truly. Just a bang trim, but the end result was something like this:  / I waited until Julia was 3, and took her to see my hairdresser mom. She rode into the salon all curls and attitude and demanded "just a little trim".

As the boy approaches his first birthday, he's looking a little shabby. In some pictures he looks like a little Beatle, in others he looks disturbingly like a tiny Hitler. It was time.

At the salon:
Curls are still there!
And one more shot, because he's such a handsome little man.

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