Friday, March 18, 2011

Opening Night

Last night was opening night for "Annie" and Katie made her stage debut as an orphan. She was cool as a cucumber, although she did admit to "sweaty pits". I, on the other hand, was a complete wreck all day. Nervous for her, worried not that she'd make a mistake, but that she'd make a mistake and get upset. She has worked so hard, and I wanted it to be perfect for her.

And it was, of course.

Such a great show - the entire cast was great, Annie herself was perfect, and there was this one orphan that I couldn't keep my eyes off of.
I almost burst into tears when the curtain went up (I am almost all gooey center, don't you know) and couldn't stop smiling every time my girl was on stage. We had front row center seats and Julia was just entranced. She insisted on holding my hand the entire show, she was so excited.

Here is the best part - the feeling I had watching my kid be herself. This was wholly and completely her, it had nothing to do with me or anything I did. There is enormous pride in seeing your child find their passion.

Five more shows to go, and I hope each one is as wonderful for her as last night.


  1. Sooooo awesome Katie!!!! what a beautiful confident girl!