Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pictures, and A Penny Earned

The grandparents are visiting from Arizona and the kids are having a wonderful time with them. Today, Katie is skipping school and they are having a day of fun with both girls. Julia is calling it her "Lucky Day"! They're going to Chuck E. Cheese and maybe a movie and all sorts of other fun stuff. Tonight, G&G are taking Katie to rehearsal, so they'll get to see a good bit of her performance in Annie (which opens in two weeks, gulp!).

We went to the park on the windiest day ever. No wonder no one else was there. Henry is wouldn't stay away from the sticks, so in between freaking out and yelling "YOU'RE GOING TO POKE YOUR EYE OUT!" I took a couple of pictures.

The ladies went to the annual Mother Daughter Tea at church.

And I am loving the extra hands around the house and good company and conversation. Most of all, I am loving watching my kids spend time with their grandparents.

You may have also noticed that my blog now contains ads for (really fantastic, high quality) products and services. Actually, they change and I don't control them. I think I'm able to add ads for local companies, so if you or your company is interested in reaching my 23 (really fantastic, high quality) followers, I'll try to figure it out. I'm really counting on this blog to be my ticket to financial freedom. So far, I've earned 45 cents. I am well on my way.

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