Thursday, January 5, 2012


10 things I love (people don't count):
  1. Masterpiece Theatre
  2. Coffee
  3. When some weird place on my body, like my breastbone, pops
  4. Showering alone
  5. Silence
  6. Completing a task without being interrupted
  7. Eating a meal without having someone take food off my plate
  8. Going to the bathroom alone
  9. Listening to NPR and not Kidz Bop
  10. Silence (so nice, I put it twice)
It was a long ass Christmas break, folks. The slight disappointment I felt sending Katie and Julia to school on Monday was far outweighed by the promise of an hour to myself.

Because if all the stars align correctly, Henry will take a nap while the girls are gone and I have approximately 60 minutes to do...anything. Blissfully alone. I adore my kids, I love that they are nutballs and loud and fun and busy. But I find that if I don't have just a little bit of time to myself everyday, I want to lock them all in a closet.

After two weeks of a chocolate and candy fueled overindulgence of epic proportions, I'm not sure who's behavior was worse - theirs or mine.

North Carolina schools are adding five days to the school year in the fall, and in some counties they’re taking those days out of Christmas break. My initial reaction was disappointment, quickly followed by, oh, that might not be so bad. I know that in that long February-March stretch without a break, I will be longing for days without homework and activities and lunches and morning drama. But right now, I’m going to enjoy being – Alone.


  1. Yesterday I was so excited to have alone time. A friend of mine gave me the book ROOM. Have you read it? I finished it in ONE DAY! Ahh, what bliss! I am not kidding when I say I have not read a book since July. I feel so fulfilled!

  2. I enjoyed reading your posts so much that I have decided to bless you with comments on your list. I have no kids (with me. I am an oldster and my kids are with their mother. One is 24 and I have to pay support payments to him until he is 25. so why leave mama but that is another story) I have time to do this sort of thing.

    10 things I love (people don't count):

    Masterpiece Theatre

    Never heard of this. I presume that it is something to do with TV. I am swiss, we do not like culture very much preferring to watch wrestling.


    Coffee is very good. One must drink at least a dozen cups per day. preferably from the morning brew. It gets a certain disgusting taste after awhile but at least it is hot. I learned to like my coffee like this being a cop. A good donut or two helps too. Maybe that is why i was a fat cop.

    When some weird place on my body, like my breastbone, pops

    I have never heard of this. I do not understand americans.

    Showering alone I am at an age where I hate it when someone sees me even partially nude. I shower frequently, at least once a week now that I am alone again.


    I dont know this word. I live now in Mexico and silence is not practiced here. At this moment my neighbours are tootling on their trumpets, a band is playing next door and the cops are chasing banditos back and forth in front of my house. But it is saturday and not sunday. It gets really bad on sunday. This is the day that all hell breaks loose. Mexicans are very religious and like ringing bells, setting off firecrackers and fireworks, tootling trumpets and singing out of tune on sunday.

    Completing a task without being interrupted

    I had this once. Had to see a shrink and now I am all better.

    Eating a meal without having someone take food off my plate

    I just hate that dont you. This is why, being the dad, I start the meal by saying a prayer out lord, bless us oh lord for what we are about to receive and then spit on my food. Amen.

    Going to the bathroom alone

    I think that this a a good idea and obvious. Is it not obvious to you? Add that to the list of issues you might want to bring up with the doctor.

    Listening to NPR and not Kidz Bop

    I dont know what NPR is. Is it some sort of religion. The New Private Religion. It allows you to practice silence i heard. check it out.

    Silence (so nice, I put it twice) You mentioned that. Buy earplugs and teach your kids american sign language.

  3. My friend over at fruitorigami directed me here. So nice to "meet" you. I love your list. I think I would scratch coffee and replace it with Mountain Dew.

  4. Rachel- That was one of our book club selections! We haven't gotten to it yet, glad to hear you liked it.

    Eveningson - That is the most thorough comment I have ever received. Thank you so much for your kind attention. And yes, Americans are weird.

    the other lion - Thank you so much for reading! I will have to follow you back to fruitorigami now! You must be from the south, with your love of Mountain Dew, ha!