Monday, January 16, 2012


I spent an fantastic afternoon and evening with two of my dearest friends this weekend. I don't get out much by myself, and when I do it's usually associated with super fun activities like oil changes and pap smears. So, I was excited to spend afternoon out with my pants on.

We met at a large shopping center to do some window shopping before we had dinner. My friend N- was in desperate need of caffeine, and there happened to be an expensive, well known java establishment in the strip mall. I happen to be a huge fan of paying $4 for a cup of coffee, so I happily stood in line with her. She ordered a cappucino, which is pretty straightforward in the world of $4 coffee drinks, and the three of us sat down to wait.

And wait.
And wait.

I watched the woman behind the counter with growing concern. She was alone, making drinks, and frequently consulting a manual. "Oh." I said. "That can't be good."

N-'s drink was finally ready and she took it to the condiment bar to add sugar. She came back to table scowling. "There's chocolate syrup all over the top of my cappucino."

"That's not right." I said.
N- took the drink backto the counter and I groaned. This was not going to go well.

"Hi, I just ordered a cappucino?" She said it like an apology.
"Yes?" the woman replied.
"Well, this has chocolate syrup on it."
"Oh, you didn't want chocoloate syrup on it?"

Now, it's not like she ordered a salad with no tomatoes, or a hamburger, hold the mayo. Ordering a cappucino with no chocolate syrup is a little like ordering a grilled cheese with no oatmeal.

"No, I don't want chocolate syrup."
"Because some people like the syrup."
"No, I just want a cappucino."

N- returned to the table and I thought of all the things I could order, without the customary chocolate syrup. Spaghetti, no syrup. Chili dog, chocolate syrup on the side. Taco, no choco.

Finally, after another ridiculously long wait, the cappucino was done. "Cappucino!" she yelled for all to hear. Then looking at N-, she added - "NO CHOCOLATE!"


  1. Oh lord. Seriously?!

    Also? What does it say about me that I'd take a pap smear over an oil change any day? I'm not a...OK yes I am a little pervy but not that pervy. I'm just sincerely auto maintenance averse.

    1. That is the most serious case of oil change aversion I've ever heard of! How do feel about getting gas?

    2. I'm kind of accepting of oil changes, pap smears and getting gas. But getting gas while having a pap smear? Mortifying.

  2. I hate it when I go to get the oil changed and they ask me to take my pants off.

  3. It happens more often than you think!