Thursday, September 29, 2011

It Takes a Village

I am not an overly sentimental person. I don't put a lot of value in things; I am not terribly attached to Precious Moments figurines or collector plates or souvenir thimbles. I don't dress up my pets.

I have never purchased a home decor item simply because it was really cute.

And yet, twice a year - first at Halloween and again at Christmas, I am reduced to a squealing little girl at the prospect of setting up the holiday village. Wee houses and figurines and things that whirl and light up - they bring me more joy than any inanimate object should. Every time I yell "DON'T TOUCH THE VILLAGE!" to the children (which they do anyway), I think to myself, in another ten years I am going to be on one of those shows. Women who continue to set shit up 'for the kids' when the kids are in their 40s.

The Halloween village technically belongs to Katie. But until she moves out and takes it away from me, it's mine. One day - when I don't have kids who want to eat the inedible and break all breakables, I will add a water feature and multiple levels and mountains carved from styrofoam and...well, you get the picture. For now, it's still pretty cool. The best part is watching the children just sit and stare and smile. I wonder if it will be something they talk about when they're old and I'm gone - remember when mom would set up the village every year? 
It almost makes me think that I'm setting it up for them as much as for myself.


  1. OMG! I WANT A HALLOWEEN VILLAGE! I like the ferris wheel the best! =D

  2. That is so cool! I've never seen a Halloween village. I do love my Christmas village too.

  3. The ferris wheel is my favorite, too! It also makes sounds, as does the movie theater. The pictures do not do it justice, when it's all going and blinky and spooky music it is AWESOME.

  4. Surely you have video capability!

  5. Kelly,

    Just wondering if the so-called "Halloween" Village and the Christmas Village are actually one and the same? In other words, did you rip all the fake cotton ball snow off, glue-gun a jack-o-latern or two on, swap out the green and red backdrop cloth for the spooky black fabric and say, "AHA! I can now have a legitimate excuse to have The Miniature Village up for THREE WHOLE MONTHS instead of just one! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

    I see right through your flimsy ploy. (And you thought my Retail Delight in "front and face" was freaky. Hmmmmmmmm.....)

    ps-- house next door still for sale? or has it been absorbed into your Village (henceforth to be decorated with hearts and then Easter eggs so the Village can remain year 'round)?

  6. At the rate I am going, MOV, I may have to buy the house next door to house my villages, then I could leave them set up all year round. And charge admission! This could be my ticket to financial freedom. I am going to attempt video tomorrow. Ladysantora- I'll look forward to seeing yours when I do my Christmas village blog. ;)

  7. I'm decorating tonight, too! I have nothing so awesome as a Halloween village, though.

  8. My name is Motaki from Mothersofbrothers, and I approve this post.

    -Mysterious Stranger Motaki, Aspiring Falconer

  9. Hey! Me again!
    Just finished reading all of your archives. Love 'em. But my very-very-very-VERY favorite post was "The Time I Almost Died Removing My Facial Hair". Frickin' Epic.

    -Obstinate Follower Motaki, Aspiring Falconer

  10. Motaki, I am still not entirely convinced I do not have some rare neurological disease. And wasn't the guy on He-Man, not He-Man, but the other guy, wasn't he a Falconer? Those are some big shoes to fill, good luck.

  11. Not sure who he-man is. I'm only twelve. Gotta be 14 to be a falconer. Not sure. But I can totally outsize his shoes.

    -Motaki, Aspiring Falconer

  12. Kelly it looks fantastic! I love the village- I don't have any villages... I love to look at them but the thought of starting one gives me anxiety!! The boys already have a bazillion nutcrackers between them so that will have to do. I love and miss you guys!! I wish we lived closer! Much Love- Meggen