Saturday, September 24, 2011

Theme Song

I have always believed that our lives would be significantly enhanced if only we had a soundtrack playing in the background during pivotal moments. Mundane moments, too, for that matter. Everyone knows how awesome having a kid is, or that first moment when you look into your partner's eyes and realize it's twue wuv. Now imagine it with a stirring, Henry Mancini-level orchestration in the background - it goes from great to spectacular.

I am often forced to compose my own score on the fly. This afternoon, I made cookies because sometimes I just need to bake something. I was explaining this to the Husband, but I didn't feel like he was totally getting it. So I decided to sing it.

"Sometimes I feel a deep, burning neeeeeeed...inside my soul, inside my heart, there is this neeeeeed. And when I get that feeling, there's just one thing to do, I have to cook that shit ouuuuuuuut!"

As usual, music hit the mark that was unreachable with mere words.

Katie gets it. I listened to her sing for ten minutes the other morning, a long, caterwauling ode to pre-teen angst. I remember doing the exact same thing when I was her age. Sometimes I got so into that I was moved to tears by my awesomeness.

"And my screams and cries with pain for you..." I am tearing up right now, I swear.

People talk about having a theme song for their lives, but I can't think of one that is exactly right for mine. Instead, I prefer to create my own soundtrack. One that turns the everyday into something special. Right now, I have to go score this baked ziti.

"Oh I apologize to all Italians, for I find I have no ziti, only egg nooooooodlesssss..."

So what's your theme song?


  1. My theme song is actually "Trouble Me" by Natalie Merchant... BUT I sing songs all the time, about everything. A lot. My husband's favorites are my songs about pooping, I am sure.

  2. hi Kelly,

    Fun post! maybe my theme song would be something menacing (as in, there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done) so, let's say the song from "JAWS."

    On another note (get it? note? but this time, not musical), I am enjoying your blog and have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger distinction. (You can take a peek on my blog where I mention you.) If you want to participate, you just choose a few blogs you like and you mention them on your blog. The point is you get exposure for yourself and also give a shout-out to some other fun blogs.

    Have a great day, and congrats!


  3. Okay, a new favorite blog to read. I came to you from MOV's "That Time I Won" post, but you had me at "twue wuv."
    I'm loving this Versatile Blogger thing, because all the people I love to read are listing the people they love to read, and I'm getting all the benefits.

    I think my theme is The Imperial March -- Darth Vader's theme. There's always something dark and menacing right there. . . Oh wait, sometimes that's me.

  4. Poop songs are some of my best works, Jodee.

    Thank you, MOV! I am flattered and honored! I can't wait to pass the award along. Coincidentally, the house next door is for sale. ;)

    I'm glad you're here, SandiJ. The Imperial March is the Husband's ringtone for his boss, lol.