Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall, and Falls

Yesterday, we had a great day at the Kersey Valley Maize Adventure.

We wandered around in a giant cornfield maze:

We jumped on the giant pillow and we meandered through the pumpkins. The kids' favorite thing, by far, was the cow train.

I love Katie. You would have thought she was on Space Mountain with all the hooting and hollering she was doing. In fact, all of my children had their hands up in the air and were yelling. Their enthusiasm knows no bounds. It was a good day.

And we couldn't leave with at least trying to break something-
We came home, tired and happy and hungry. My mom, who had gone with us, went home, and I went to Subway to get dinner. The Husband and I were finishing our sandwiches, the kids were running around, and we saw Henry go whizzing by into the mudroom, followed by a very loud "THUNK", as he ran (or fell) head first into the back door.

The Husband ran in and scooped him up and I yelled "WHERE IS BLEEDING FROM!?" Because, you know, there was blood.

He had a pretty good gash on his forehead, nice and gaping and making me want to throw up, so my mom came down and watched the girls while we went to the emergency room.

The entire time we were there, I could only think of two things:
1. My sweet boy, how brave he was being, how I hoped the stitches wouldn't hurt too much.
2. I STINK LIKE SUBWAY. Really, do I always have to get onions and banana peppers? Subway is delicious, but it smells like armpits. And you know what? Putting on hand sanitizer and chewing gum only makes you smell like you've rubbed hand sanitizer and Trident in your stinky armpits.

Henry is a rock star. He charmed the nurses and the doctor was mightily impressed when he laid quietly and didn't cry as he put the stitch in. With no numbing, because my baby is hard core (and it would mean another needle poke). Everyone at the hospital was amazing and we were in and out in less than two hours.

As I put him in bed last night, I couldn't help but marvel at what a brave little boy he is. He is also a beast, and I wonder how many trips to the ER we have ahead of us. I can only hope they are as quick and easy as last night.


  1. It seems like children who are the most fearless are also the toughest when it comes to physical pain!! Annalee's doctor said she was tough as nails when we had to stitch up her chin from a fall. She was about the same age as Henry. BTW, love the pics from Kersey Valley!!!

  2. so sorry about Henry having to go to the ER! why do fun days have to sometimes end like that? (We got to spend Easter at the ER a few years back, my younger son broke his collar bone from tripping on the sidewalk ... note to self: avoid sidewalks, just walk directly in street to stay safe.)


  3. Henry is the ER docs dream, being so brave! Go henry, and I'm glad you're okay!

  4. MOV, sidewalks are far too dangerous, agreed.
    Tina and Christy, he is a tough little dude. that's how it is when you have big kids messing with you all the time, right?