Sunday, October 9, 2011

First Impressions

I'm guest blogging over at Triad Moms on Main in the morning - a very nice, non-funny piece on transitioning from a working outside the home mom to a stay at home mom. I always appreciate the opportunity to guest blog and, hopefully, some new readers will find me as a result.

Which is great.

Except - I'm faced with the dilemma: Do I run around tidying up and answer the door with my lip gloss on and vaseline smile and say "Welcome! I am so glad you're here!", or should I be a little more honest? Do I greet you braless, my boobs flopping all over the place, with bits chewed up food sticking to my shirt, talking about my butthole and dropping the occasional f-bomb? You won't have to read too deep into SFC to know the answer to that one.

When I was a working lady (not a hooker, just a lady who worked. Just to clarify.), I worked a job that required me to be presentable and well spoken and come off as smart, but not too smart. On first impression, I am non-threatening Wonder Bread. I am fairly pleasant, and chances are if you take me out some place, I am not going to get hammered and vomit on anyone's shoes.

But now that I don't work, and I'm not required to be particularly presentable, and I talk about the intimate details of my life in a public's a little harder to keep up appearances. It's disconcerting meeting someone that has read my blog before I've met them in person and they know about things like my issues with farty granola, and my difficulties with hair removal, and my deep seeded hatred of our mail carrier.

So if you're a first time reader, and my friends at TMOM have sent you my way - welcome! I am glad you're here.

And beware of first impressions.


  1. Love your blog! So glad to find it via TMOM.


  2. I love that you talk about farts and drop the f bomb! :)