Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tips for a Great Honeymoon (and Marriage)

Sarah over at The Ex-Pat Bride was foolish enough to ask me to write about my honeymoon, and I took the opportunity to be a bossypants about what she (and everyone) should do on her honeymoon and throughout her married life.

The fate of her marriage, no doubt, lies in whether or not she takes my advice.

Go over there and read it, and feel free to add your own tips. Because there is nothing that newlyweds love more than getting bossed around by a bunch of chubby, crusty old married people whose idea of adventure is deciding whether to go to Costco or Target. Not saying you're all chubby and crusty, but - you know.

If you're visiting SFC from The Ex-Pat Bride, welcome! I apologize in advance.


  1. Sometimes I like being chubby and crusty! :)

  2. kelly, great post! makes me want to get married all over again, maybe even to the same guy I am already married to. (And I personally take every bossypants/ bossyjacket/ bossyshoes opportunity I can get to tell others what to do. It makes me feel morally superior, especially since I have taken to accidentally breaking things at work. Positive spin: I can tell people the CORRECT way to break things!)


  3. Me too, Rachel!
    MOV, I don't think there is a top secret employer anywhere who could afford to have us both on the payroll, correctly breaking all their stuff.