Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ah, the Life of a Thespian

It has been a big week for the SFC girls. On Monday, Julia was a Christmas angel in the preschool play about trees and families and red feather boas - I don't know, it was a little unclear as to what exactly was going on. But I did catch Julia's big line, delivered in typical Julia TOP VOLUME EXTREME LOUDNESS:


Brava, young thespian.

On Tuesday, Katie and the other 5th graders at her school graduated from the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education, for those of you not familiar) program. At one point, another parent told me, he looked out at all the children and took note of the bored expressions, with one notable exception - Katie. Who absolutely beamed the entire time. "Aren't you proud of me?" she asked me afterward. So proud, I said. I didn't say, let's talk again in 9th grade when your BFF is rolling up a doobie and showing you how to shotgun a beer.

They probably don't call them 'doobies' anymore.

I did notice something about 5th graders - either they are still very much little kids, all bony elbows and baby faces, or they are - like Katie - Amazon children. They have legs longer than mine and everything about them is getting thicker, and no one can find a pair of pants that fit. They all look old men, with their waistlines up to their armpits and their grown up teeth, still too big for their mouths.

They are adorably awkward.

Tonight was opening night for 'A Christmas Carol', as presented by the children's theater where Katie takes an acting class. The entire cast was children, from the age of 5 to the age of 18. They did everything, from stage manager to prop master, rearranging sets between scenes, and several of them played multiple parts. Katie was Martha (Bob Cratchitt's daughter) and Mrs. Dilber (one of the people who cast lots for Scrooge's belongings after his death). She was perfect. They were all perfect, even when they weren't.

The Ghost of Christmas Present is, in the story, a Bacchanalian figure - all mirth and merriment and enormity. He is, in this production, a wee boy of about 8. He summed up the entire show with one line:

"You have never seen the like of me before!" exclaimed the Spirit.

"Never," Scrooge made answer to it.

Never, indeed. What a wonderful show. What a wonderful week.


  1. Aww, how wonderful! And your girlies are gorgeous!

    I miss those kid performances. My grands are just getting to the ages for stage stuff and I can't wait to sit in the audience and get all misty. I didn't sob at my granddaughter's ballet recital, so that was good. ;O)

    I used the phrase "torching up a big doobie" once in front of my kids and they looked at me like I'd just landed here from a planet far, far away.

  2. Just got home from Jack's Christmas pageant. If I was your girls' mom, I would seriously consider convent options. Now. Too cute!

  3. I have Jack-jack's Christmas pageant tomorrow. It should prove amusing. I am looking forward to the reggae holiday classic we all know and love, "Island Christmas, whoa oh!" I'm not even kidding. Maybe I should take video...

  4. Aww, I remember being an Amazon fifth grader graduating DARE. And no, they are no longer called doobies. For optimal coolness, practice the following phrases over the next few years: "Katie, is that a JOINT you're smoking?" and/or "Katie, you are in so much trouble for smoking that JOINT."

    You might find yourself a little disappointed, however, when she doesn't become a pothead and you never get to use your well-rehearsed lines.

  5. I haven't been to a children's pageant/theater production/dance recital since I WAS the child.

    Tomorrow, I'm going with Acr0nym to see his 6-year-old twin nieces dance in "The Nutty Cracker". I suspect I'll need to wear a high-knecked sweater in which to muffle my giggles.

  6. DAMMIT! I really DID just spell necked "knecked". *sigh*

  7. Thanks, Word Nerd! It is hard not to get all weepy.

    They are pretty cute, Marianne, thanks!

    JRose, I hope you did take video. They make them do some crazy shit.

    Merry Christmas, Cong Mai! Thanks for reading!

    Haley, what about spliff? Is spliff cool?

    Jane, are you going to the same production as JRose? lol I hope you were well knecked.