Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beach Report, Mid-Week

One of the best parts of the beach is the roar of the ocean waves - and how they completely drowned out the roar of my trumpeter farts, caused by eating 800 pounds of pie, cheese, hot dogs and various other gas-producing delicacies. Good grief.

I could have used the sound of the waves when I farted in front of my father-in-law (for the first time in 21 years of knowing him). To his credit, his response was "High five!". Then, while we were playing trackball on the beach one day (trackball is one of the few games that can make even me seem athletic), my boob popped out of my bathing suit. Without missing a beat, he said "Whoops! Lost a mimi!", and then continued our game. The guy is smooth.

Aside from the next-level bonding between my father-in-law and I, the vacation has been relatively uneventful so far. We've made it to the beach each day despite rain, and the Husband and I are taking the kids to the Pirate's Voyage tomorrow. Swashbuckling fun with a score written by none other than the one and only Ms. Dolly Parton. I don't know about you, but when I think Dolly Parton, I think pirates! After I think enormous boobies, of course.

Two more days, and then back home, where I'll spend the next week de-sanding everyone and everything and wishing it were next summer so we could do it all over again. Thanks again to Erin from Creating Little Monsters and Shannon from Shannanigans for keeping SFC afloat this week, whilst I frolic at the seashore. As a little teaser to the photo-palooza I'll be posting when we get back, here's a heart melting shot of my oldest and my youngest, taken by my mom.


  1. That picture is amazing, and so (clearly) is your ass. lol

  2. Cute picture!! Be sure to include pictures of Daylen when doing your posts... you have my complete permission =)

    Thank you for having him!!

  3. I just love the labels on this post: beach, boobs, farts, pies. Sounds like you're having a stellar time bonding with your FIL and whatnot. Enjoy the rest of your vacay. The weather's great, wish you were beer!