Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Camper

Katie has been at sleep away camp this week, for her fifth summer. The first year we dropped her off she was this little 6 year old girl, right out of kindergarten, who didn't know a soul at camp. We had barely crossed the threshold of the cabin when she turned to us and said "Okay! You can go now!"

It's just the type of kid she is. 

They have a tradition at camp that after you've gone five summers in a row, you get a paddle. It's a big deal, and they present them to the campers at the closing ceremony. Katie was so excited to get her paddle this year, and I am was very proud. Not just because she spends a week away from home every summer, but because she is a great friend, fun to be around, and open to new experiences. The summer camp director stopped me today and said the nicest things about Katie. She said "She's just a good kid." And she is, top to bottom, a good kid. I should remember that when she's being mean to her sister, or not rinsing out the sink after she brushes her teeth.

That's my girl - a good kid.


If you're in the northwestern-ish part of North Carolina and are looking for a summer camp (and they have day camps as well as sleep away camps), I can not recommend YMCA Camp Hanes more highly. I love everything about it, from the facilities to the staff. It is an amazing place, and worth every penny. If you're not in the market for a camp but want to help send a kid who couldn't otherwise afford it, check out their Send a Kid to Camp campaign.

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  1. Yes, yes she is... a GOOD kid!!!! And guess who made her that way.... her wonderful parents and family. Congrats to all!! :)