Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Traveler

"I am a born traveler." This is how Katie responded when her aunt asked how her flight was from North Carolina to Arizona. She's absolutely right; she has no problems with jet lag, is perfectly happy with airplane food, and adjusts well to any new setting or situation. Her first big trip was at 10 months old - a cross country flight from NC to California. She never cried, never fussed. She smiled and babbled and charmed everyone she came into contact with. When we deplaned several of the flight attendants stopped us to comment that they had never had such a delightful baby on a flight.

She is always looking forward to the next adventure, the next trip. She is never hesitant to leave, with or without her dad and me. The first time we dropped her off at sleep away camp, I stood by her bed, fussing and fidgeting with her sheets, looking for excuses not to go. My throat was lumpy and my eyes hot with tears, and she turned to me in exasperation and said "You can go now." Kindergarten, sleepovers, trips big and small, all begin the same way - with a roll of her eyes and the reassurance, "I'm fine, Mom. You can go."

Imaging what your children are going to be as adults is a fun game. As things stand, Henry will be a garbage man or landscaper, or maybe a professional climber of things. Julia will be a dancer or a wrestler. Katie will be a fashion designer or a writer or an actress. When I think about Christmases to come, our family gathering together, I always imagine it will involve a trip to the airport to pick up Katie. Because whatever her future holds, I am almost certain that it will take her away from this small southern town.

It makes me sad, and proud. Wherever she goes, however far she roams, I hope she always remembers to come back home.

And that is where she is heading right now. Approximately 6 hours until I see my girl. Oh, how I have missed her.


  1. We had such a wonderful time with her and she will be missed. It was great for me to have a sweet girl to go to lunch with, get pedis, or go shopping with. My boys are fabulous but lets face it... girls are different. Katie is a sweet, polite, and all around WONDERFUL GIRL!! I LOVE HER LIKE A LOVE SONG BABY!! A little Selena Gomez in Katie's honor. =) I miss her already and I hope that she will come for a spell next summer also. Meg

  2. What a beautiful post about your girl Kelly, I love this.