Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Our Easter weekend started with breakfast with the Bunny and an egg hunt for the littles yesterday.

Then Katie and Grandma returned from Texas late yesterday afternoon.

Travel and overindulgence led to a jerky Easter morning for Katie.

But she snapped out of it soon enough, and they ate 4 pounds of candy each before church.
Church was lovely and a beautiful celebration of this most holy day. Let us rejoice and be glad, indeed.

And I can not, NOT, get a decent picture of my family. I did the best I could to make these to where you could at least see our faces. 

And I made a bunny cake that looked like a whore.
My mom has made the bunny cake every year since I was an infant, but this year their trip to Texas necessitated that I make the cake. The piece down at the bottom is supposed to be his/her bow tie (the gender of the bunny is a little suspect), but both the girls and my mom asked "Are those her mimis?"

Mimis in our house are boobs. So of course I had to put jellybean nipples on her, but in the end I thought that was a bit much, even for me.


  1. That cake should be your new tradition, mimis and all. Did Sean have a golf date or gas?

  2. I'm glad you like the hooker cake! And Sean had neither, just a face full of sun. You know he has a naturally sunny disposition!