Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back From the Beach

I want my children to believe that, regardless of the path they choose, the Husband and I will always love and support them. But there are a few things that would make me really happy. That they will -

Have good taste in music.
Be adventurous eaters.
Use correct grammar.
Love the ocean.

The first three are hit and miss, but the last one? Total home run for all three. Katie and Julia (and my nephew Daylen, who is a really great kid and a pleasure to have as a guest), ran and swam and dug all day every day. Henry was fearless, and ate so much sand that the Husband is worried he's going to poop a glass. But the boy never complained.

Enough words, see for yourself!

Julia the Magnificent
Daylen, the Awesome Nephew
Henry catches a wave.

Henry and Mommy. Uncle M in the background.
Katie the Beautiful. Daylen, Uncle M and Aunt J in the background. They are actors, and I am probably going to owe them a royalty check now.

Those are some good looking kids!

Contemplative Henry. Or maybe he's pooping.

Katie, such a young lady.
Julia, rocking a dolphin tat.

Daylen, with his scorpion tat. I also supported his decision to buy the shell people playing poker souvenir. I am a truly horrible influence.
At the Pirate's Voyage. It was awesome, the kids loved it, and Dolly Parton made an appearance via video in a mermaid costume. Seriously.
The Husband and the In-Laws.
Southern Fried Grandma and Henry.
Happy vacation, y'all!

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