Thursday, June 2, 2011

Battles Won, Battles Lost

I just deleted a hugely boring, whiny, long and rambling post about a marginally sucky day.

Instead, let me say this: Sometimes kids are jerky. Sometimes they are even super jerky. It is in those times, when parents are the most stressed, the most flustered, the most angry, that we tend to make stupid decisions.

For instance, if your kids are tired and cranky and teething and hungry, taking them out to a restaurant is probably not the best idea. Even when they say 'Please oh please! We'll be good! But we really want to!', and they wear you down in that most annoying but extremely effective kid way. Because they know you are tired and if they just keep at it, you'll cave.

Don't cave. If you do, you will be hauling a screaming baby and your to go order out of that joint before the first basket of chips and salsa has gone adios. 

On the other hand, if they want to sleep on the air mattress on the floor of your bedroom, and are willing to go to bed half an hour early to do it - Jump all over it.

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