Monday, June 13, 2011

Last Day of School!

Huzzah! I am jazzed, because I have had my fill of packing lunches and homework and other craptastic school-year chores. Friday was the last day of school, and Awards Day for 4th and 5th grade. When I asked Katie if she was getting an award, she shrugged her shoulders and said "I dunno. I think for Odyssey of the Mind." So I went to the (very long) ceremony and sat on the butt numbing bleachers and watched her get her certificate for Odyssey of the Mind.

And then, she got one for making the Honor Roll all year.

And then, she got one for Most Outstanding Science Student. (Most!)

And then, she got one for Bus Rider of the Year for her bus (hollah, Bus 134!).

She's amazing, and humble, and I am hugely proud.

I took pictures of the ceremony, but again - lots of kids who did not sign a waiver to be featured on my moderately popular blog - so none posted here. However, here is Katie waking up on the last day of 4th grade (she is such a peach first thing in the morning), and having her last day of 4th grade breakfast with her new Nook. She had such a great year, we got it for her an an end of the year gift. She loves it!

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