Monday, January 3, 2011

Back on track

and out for the first run of the New Year! Even a bad run is a good run, it always seems to make the rest of the day better. Running goals for 2011-
  • Run the Raleigh Rocks half in April
  • Run the Salem Lake Trail Races 30k in September
  • Get faster
Maybe I should change the last one to "get less slow", as "get faster" implies that I'm somewhat fast now.

But, I have nice shoes!

Running put me in such a good mood that I didn't mind getting my butt whipped by Julia at Zingo. Twice.
Julia Hines, Zingo Champion
Zingo is a very fun game, and one we can all play. Best of all, it's a fast game. Which makes it rank miles above Monopoly or Life or any of the other games that require you to reschedule plans and pack snacks. Even Henry likes it!
Henry Hines, Zingo Champion in Training

I resolve to play more this year. Today was a good start.

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