Thursday, January 6, 2011

Julia Jumps

and flips and somersaults and dances and moves at a nearly non-stop pace from the moment her feet hit the ground in the morning until she is tucked in at night.

And nothing moves more than her mouth. Her first words every morning when she was just learning to talk were: "UP. I EAT." Now, they are "What are we doing today? Where are we going today?" And I'd better have an answer ready, and it had better be good.

Today, I answered the question with two of her favorite things - school and gymnastics. School, where the awesome Miss Nancy let them play in shaving cream. She's awesome because there is not a trace of shaving cream anywhere on my child - not in her hair, on her clothes, in her nose or ears, or any other place where you might expect to find it on a little kid.

And gymnastics, where Julia's ability to do things like climb the knobs of the kitchen drawers is not only okay, it's encouraged.

Photo of the day for January 6! It stinks, because I haven't learned how to do motion photography and she won't stay still.

Yesterday, we washed and dried and broke up into tiny pieces and dyed egg shells to make a mosaic. A fun craft with a cool end result. It gets a 4.5 on the pain the ass scale, because of the wait time between drying and dying. Next time I'll know to do that step in advance.

Photos of the day for January 5! Eggshells dying. In wine glasses, because we're fancy like that.

Our mosaic egg.


  1. I love that last picture, like she was leaning over to be sure to make it in the shot!

  2. Julia loves to be in pictures, she is an awesome photo bomber! I love seeing a comment on an old post, thank you for reading!