Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Root (Vegetable) of All Evil

The grocery store next door offers online shopping, which is beyond awesome. I can put my order in after the kids are in bed, then swing by and pick it up the next day. This way I can avoid shopping with either 2 or 3 kids in tow, which I'm pretty sure is one of the levels of hell.

A couple of months ago, the store got a new personal shopper. New to the store, new to the system - and it's been a little bumpy.

Week 1: I place my order, which includes my standard 1 pound of carrots. The way it's set up, the list specifies "1 pound" and you add quantity, which for me is 1. Follow? I get the groceries home and unload and I have received:

1 carrot.

Week 2: I think "hmm, maybe they changed the way it's specified online", but no - 1 pound. I enter a quantity of 1. I receive:

1 carrot.

I am mostly amused.

Week 3: I'm going to mix things up a little bit. Obviously, the Quantity - 1 is not working for me. So I enter Quantity - 4. I receive:

4 pounds of carrots.

My children think this is hilarious. I am enraged. Sean asks "Why don't you just talk to her?" Well, firstly on the principle that she should read the order and secondly, because then I wouldn't have a good story. Duh.

Week 5: I skipped Week 4 because, as you can imagine, 4 pounds of carrots last awhile. I enter Quantity: 1. I go with the direct approach and note "Please give me 1 pound of carrots". I receive:
Photo of the Day - January 4!

1 pound of carrots. I am strangely disappointed.

Later, Julia and I had a tea party (no carrots).

Katie stayed after school and when we got home from picking her up, we saw this funny, fat bird. Despite the auditory assault of the Hines children, he stayed put.
One too many Christmas cookies.

And I passed math homework on to Sean.
Homework sucks. For parents, too.

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