Thursday, January 27, 2011

Busy Busy, Worky Worky

We're heading off within the hour to Great Wolf Lodge to spend the night, swim and celebrate the girls' birthdays. The trip was postponed from Monday, when Julia busted her chin. On top of the steri-strips I have 2 waterproof bandaids and a mile of waterproof tape, making her look like she has a white goatee. She thinks she looks awesome, of course.

The week has been a busy one for Katie, especially. She's involved with Odyssey of the Mind at school, and right now they're practicing two afternoons a week. It's an amazing program in which teams of kids are presented with a long term problem and must come up with the solution. Katie's team is working on the "Unhinged Structure" problem - you can read more about it on the link. It's a great way for kids to think creatively, with only very little guidance from adults. Her regional competition is March 5, and we're happy that the Grandmas and Grandpa will all be in attendance.

In addition to two OM practices, she's also had Annie rehearsal, and a piano lesson. OM is done in March as is Annie, so this is only a temporary load. She is loving it and thriving on the creativity of it all. It's awesome to see her so passionate about what she's doing.

I have pictures of the day, but will wait and post them along with ones from our little trip.

A very happy birthday to my mother in law, Erin, today. My friends always give me the raised eyebrow when I say things like "My in-laws are coming to visit for a couple of weeks, and I'm so excited!" But it's true! I'm thankful for your insight and friendship, and hope your day is perfect. Also to my sister in law, Meggen, tomorrow. The sister I never had, I miss you more than you know. Oh, crack. <3

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