Sunday, January 2, 2011

What better way

to ring in the New Year than by celebrating my oldest child's birthday? Katie has the most awesome birthday ever - 01-01-01 - which means this year she turned TEN! Smart, pretty, funny, kind, and a joy to all who know her, Katie is a remarkable young lady. How lucky am I to be her mom? Grandma made a cake, her Godparents came over, and two of her best friends spent the night. We'll celebrate both girls' birthdays in a big way with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge in a few weeks.

I'm attempting Project 365 this year, which means a photo a day (with my spiffy new camera that I don't really know how to use yet).

January 1 - The Birthday Girl

January 2 - Ebelskievers.

Ebelskievers are delicious, fluffy, filled pancakes (in this instance, peanut butter and chocolate), dusted with powdered sugar. I always say I'm making them for the kids, and then Sean and I end up eating most of them. Hmm. I've yet to make a savory ebelskiever because, well - why fill something with meat when you can fill it with chocolate? It was Katie's post-sleepover breakfast request, and a good way to end the holiday break with a bang. And by bang, I mean "shove food into my gaping maw until I am on the edge of a sugar coma". Tomorrow it is back to oatmeal-y normalcy.

TOMORROW! Tomorrow everyone is back and work and school and schedules and all will be right with the world. For the past two weeks, for Christmas, for ebelskievers, for birthdays, and for tomorrow - thanks be to God.

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