Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wu Who?

The weather was perfect today, and begged for a walk. So the family headed out, down through the woods, in search of adventure.

The neighborhood and surrounding woods contain several large ponds. Before this neighborhood was a neighborhood, it was a family farm, and the family constructed a shelter on the largest of these ponds. In the years since the property has moved from private ownership to public domain, the shelter has become a haven for fisherman and high school kids looking for a scenic place to drink beer.

And Wu Tang Clan fans.

Wu Tang Clan fans with a sense of humor.

 Katie (not knowing Wu Tang from Wang Chung) wanted to know everything about this mysterious Wu Tang Clan. Sean and I gave her all the knowledge we had, which was very little. She was reading the graffiti out loud, and thankfully missed this one -
In honor of our walk today, I made Wu Tang Roast Chicken Breasts with Sage Brown Butter for dinner. What makes it Wu Tang, you ask? It may be the side of Old Dirty Bastard Orzo with Goat Cheese, but I think it's more likely the Raekwon Peas Out, Motha Fucka! Now if Sean would stop by and get me a Ghostface Killah Frappaccino on his way home, I would be full of Wu. Or something.

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