Thursday, November 3, 2011


We were standing in line for the Giant Jumping Pillow at the Awesome Corn Maze a couple of weeks ago, and Katie was humming a familiar song. You know it, the one that says, "Pave Paradise, put up a parking lot...". Except Katie wasn't saying that, she was saying "Crave Paradise, put up a mmm-mmm lot..."

I said, 'Katie, it's PAVE Paradise. And what is mmm-mmm lot?'
She replies - "No, it's CRAVE. And I'm saying mmm-mmm because they say, you know, that word.'

Now, I don't know what 'that word' is, but it can't be good. Then again, it could be like the time she came home and told me a friend of hers was cussing - the 'S' word, the 'F' word, and the 'C' word.

'OK,' I laugh. Spell it.'

'F-U-C-K-I-N-G.' She says, her eyes like saucers.

Right here, I want to yell, 'WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU HEAR THAT!' Which I do, on the inside. On the outside, believe it or not, I rarely let a dirty bird word escape my lips. Especially not THAT word.

'NO. No, they absolutely do not say that word!'
'Yes, yes they do.'
'No! They do not! They do not say that! Where did you even learn that word?'
'On the radio.'
'You did NOT! That's not what they say. It's PARKING lot. PARKING. That other word doesn't even make sense.'

I didn't even ask if she knew what it meant. I don't think I want to know.

On a totally unrelated note, my amazing friend C- took some family photos for us last weekend. They are the first photos we've had done of all of us. I was so happy when I saw them, I actually got a little weepy. You may remember what happened the last time I tried to take a picture with all my children.

These turned out considerably better.


  1. Great family pics! I love hearing my kids sing songs and how they change the words.

  2. Those pictures are cute. Did you not get the memo about not being allowed to post any pictures of cute children because I held that right?

    How old is the daughter that knew how to spell fuck?

  3. Nice pictures!

    I saw that you made it to 100 followers, congrats!

  4. Your son looks exactly like your husband.

  5. Kelly the pictures are Beautiful!! ill be waiting for ours!!

  6. Thanks, everyone! Mary, she's almost 11. I blame it mostly on 5th grade boys, but she is a really good speller, too. :(

  7. Those are amazing photos! What a great family!

  8. What a beautiful family!

    I could write month's worth of misheard lyrics (and that's not such a bad idea...hmm...). I love when the one who has misheard holds strong and fast to the lyric, not giving an inch when faced with the fact he/she could be ::gulp:: wrong!

  9. There should be a "Miss Understood" writing contest. Your story would be near the top of the contenders.

  10. Thanks, Marianne!
    Reese, you should! Katie also sang 'everybody is looking toward the weekend', which makes Loverboy seem so...classical.
    Very clever, Boston!