Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Under the Knife

My mom went in for surgery today, and she was more than a little nervous. She made arrangements for transportation and someone to stay with her overnight, froze meals for her recovery, filled out the required paperwork at her job. She is kind of a wonderful person, and very well loved, and as a result, there has been an outpouring of support.

My brother called me, all nerves and anxiety - "Call me when she gets out, and let me know everything is okay."

"She'll be home by lunch."
"Yeah, if she makes it out. You know how old people are - they go in for a surgery, then never make it home from the hospital. Their bodies just can't take it."
"Well, when they open you up like that..."
"It's arthroscopic surgery!"
"Yeah, but when they start messing with your heart..."
"It's SHOULDER surgery, you dummy."
"I know, I know! But there's always a risk..."

Several of my friends called me this morning, "Any word on your mom? Can I bring you anything?" Now, my mom's friend has been with her all day, as I had other commitments. For instance, I had to go to Target. But who am I to turn someone down if they want to help? I think my friend Y- was a little surprised when she showed up at my house with my Jimmy John's and I was watching Oprah. Alone.

"Where's your mom?"
"I don't know? Damn it! I TOLD YOU no cucumbers!"

But, I am thankful that she is so loved and well taken care of, I'm afraid she wouldn't fare as well if it were only up to me. She is home now and resting after a successful procedure. Tonight, after the kids are settled, I'll walk up the road and take her something sweet to eat and ooh and ahh with proper respect at her wee incisions.

I should arrive just in time for the candlelight vigil.


  1. good wishes to your mom for a speedy recovery! (and I think it is silly that doctors call an operation a "procedure" now, just like realtors call a total tear-down a "house with potential").


  2. Thanks, MOV. I'll tell my mom she's a 'fixer-upper', lol.