Friday, November 25, 2011

It Takes a Village - Christmas Edition

You may remember my Halloween Spooktacular Village from October. Here is the Christmas version!

I made the little brick walls four or five years ago, out of pebbles, foam and Gorilla Glue. Every year since, I say "I really need to make some more walls." and then I never do. Next year, really, I need to make some more walls.

I also need to get blue cloth for the background, as I think I'd like it better than the black. But, I had the black and I am cheap, so black it is. One day, ONE DAY, there will be a water feature. It will probably be the same year that the walls get made.

I wanted to, needed to, do something different with the mantel this year. Stockings hung with care by heavy metal hangers, within reach of an almost 2 year old boy, are not a good idea. Again, I'm cheap - so I got a rustic garland half off at the craft store for $7.99. A vase of pinecones with some curly junk and berries on top of some old books took care of one side of the mantel.

For the other side, I was able to reuse some old candles and make them not so old looking by tacking on some vintage postcard ornaments. I put them next to big fat Jeremiah Johnson-Santa. It's eclectic. Like me.
This is year three with the crazy orange feather-flower tree topper, and I still love it. The Husband is not a fan.
And I love my big, faceless Holy Family.
But my favorite decor thing is the Nutcrackers in the kitchen.
That is a horrible picture, and when I take pictures of the kids' tree in the playroom and the outside lights, I will get a better one of the Nutcrackers.

And what do the Southern Fried Children do on Black Friday? When it's 70 degrees and sunny, we play football. Sort of.

It is the most wonderful time of the year.


  1. Oh! Oh!! OH!!! You are so supposed to live by me! And where do you put your village? It looks like it needs its own room! I had to separate my village (too many pieces now) and Jack is having a fit. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Thanks, Marianne! I knew you would appreciate it, lol. The Christmas and Halloween villages both manage to fit in the cabinets beneath the bookcase. I want to see yours!

  3. And the walls! Brilliant! I'm planning a post soon!